Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Man of Steel

The Movies Review – the Movie Review Query Engine               Now, we need to get one thing straight before you continue reading this review. This was my first time ever seeing any sort of Superman film. I really enjoyed the overall story of Superman. However, it was very cliche, Superman was a good guy whose general goal was to save everyone, therefore everything could be anticipated, which would cause people to fall asleep. This sort of approach isn't the type that I would take especially if i'm planning to make it into a 2 hr film. Let me admit that it is possible to successfully create a long film and maintain the audience's attention, a prime example is Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. That was a great movie and it was action packed, you never knew what would happen because each character had such a different dynamic. It was amazing to watch personalities and morals clash in this film.
            The director and writer of Batman: the Dark Knight Rises maintained to keep a large amount of the audience's interest while still being able to make them aware of the classic Batman story. As Man of Steel begins, we are introduced to Superman's parents on the planet Krypton, which is struggling to survive as the citizens have depleted most of its resources. So, of course Superman's parents are killed by Zaad, a soldier who was born to protect Krypton. If you expected this, then you're not surprised that
Superman was one of the few people of Krypton who was saved and he just happens to be sent away with a key that Zaad would someday want. As the story continues, we go back and forth between Superman's childhood and how he struggled to fit in and hide his super powers and how although he is older, he still hasn't managed to fit in. Superman's parents eventually tell him that he is not from earth and he struggles with identity until he meets his father, or at least his fathers ghost and also meets reporter Lois Lane.
             Together they are what Superman needs in order to defeat Zaad, and he is finally able to put his powers to use. Towards the end, Superman accepts his reality and becomes a reporter for the Daily Planet. This movie had little to no suspense, This Is The End had more suspense than this movie. Overall, it was long, and stretched out for no reason. It wasn't worth the money in 3-D. I give it a 2.

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